This opening section is an extract from a longer video essay on the entanglements of a relationship breakup, the psychological and emotional wear of social movements, the oppression of traditional family values and a deserted single mother. While the background stories that have led to the texts and images do have particular incidents and contexts that link them to the question of violence, what is considered here is less the impact of a punch but a slow accumulation, seepages into the body and across time that very often unnoticeably infiltrate, morph and distort. These perpetrations reveal complexities of emotion in a manner that belie the moment of the hit. The piece is a slowly layered and inadvertent collaboration between 何穎雅 Elaine W. Ho, Jojo of the Ultra Clan (超家族的Jojo), 賴宇通 Lai Yu Tong (Cosmologists) and 苗母 Mother Miao.